Artist’s Talk at the Surrey Art Gallery this Saturday

Sarindar Dhaliwal speaks about her experience living between three countries, the legacies of partition, and her artistic practice
Saturday, September 21, 6:30 – 7:30pm
Free (donations gratefully accepted)

followed by an opening reception 7:30 – 9:30pm (formal remarks 7:45pm)

Join Toronto-based artist Sarindar Dhaliwal for an illustrated talk on her experience living between three countries, the legacies of partition, and her artistic practice. She addresses the autobiographical underpinnings of much of her work, focusing on the examination of childhood dissonance located in an immigrant experience and in a distant past. The artist will also discuss her interest in the notion of life after death as represented in the ethereal collection of life knowledge known as the akashic library, and how this informs her most recent body of work about the cartographer who was charged with geographically dividing India to create the nation of Pakistan in 1947.

Please note: Another event is taking place here on the same evening. We encourage you to arrive a little early, to have enough time to park.

About Sarindar Dhaliwal’s work in Narratives from the Beyond

The experience of migration affects not only how we remember our culture, but also how we recreate it in our new country. The process of relocating to a new homeland can influence our interpretation of symbols, and have a powerful impact on how we form and adapt our identities. The Surrey Art Gallery exhibition Sarindar Dhaliwal: Narratives from Beyond explores questions about culture and memory in both personal and provocative ways. Featuring selections from ten years of photography, sculpture, textile, and video, this survey showcases one of Canada’s most accomplished South Asian artists.

Drawing from childhood memory, global history, and the real and imagined, the world revealed in Sarindar Dhaliwal’s mixed-media art presents riveting meditations on beauty, identity, exile, and home. This exhibition traces the artist’s experiences in India (where she was born), Britain (where she was raised and educated), and Canada (where she has lived and worked for close to three decades). The complex and often hidden traumas of the partition between India and Pakistan are symbolized in Dhaliwal’s map of these two countries formed from marigold flowers that appear as though on fire. The joys and traumas of childhood are infused in the artist’s giant handmade fairy tale books and large-scale, meticulously arranged coloured pencil collections. The world of sport returns again and again, as in the delicately embroidered cricket leg pad framed within an ornate marble window. Together, these artworks and others by this Toronto-based artist present a sumptuous cartography of place and experience that spans the globe while uniting the personal with the universal.

This event and the opening reception are presented in conjunction with the exhibitions: Sarindar Dhaliwal: Narratives from the Beyond
Figuring Ground: Sylvia Grace Borda and Jeremy Herndl
Nancy Paterson: Stock Market Skirt

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