Dual City at UrbanScreen

Dual City UrbanScreen

Last Thursday we held an outdoor screening the UrbanScreen right next to the Chuck Bailey Skatepark. The evening featured 14 films, both from SOFIA Collective members as well as local high school students. These videos riffed on our theme of dualities, offering personal insights into the communities in which we live.

For this event, the SOFIA Collective partnered with the Surrey Art Gallery and the Surrey School District. We shared the evening with the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre that shared a series of skate videos, which drew a unique crowd to the screening.

Below are a few shots of the films played. All photos by Edward Westerhuis unless otherwise noted.



It was a great turn out, with a nice mix of artists, skaters, and different people from the area.


Even Messi was there.


In order to simulate fishy brain activity, Polly Gibbons animated colour directly onto a reel of film. Her short What Would a Dead Salmon Think? is part of Polly’s inquiry into MRI imaging while she completes her MFA at Emily Carr.


Edward Westerhuis’ electronic dance vide Double Cat features two giant dancing cats having a dance battle in the growing metropolis of Surrey City Centre.


Collective Member Debbie Tuepah (far right) with family and friends.


SOFIA Collective members Phinder Dulai and Matt Smith.


A still from Jacob Harris’ film Home which visually crafts a story of a young man dealing violence, loss and regret.


Currently Canada is in the midst of signing the largest free trade agreement in history. A.S. Dhillon video Pennies on the Dollar challenges us to question the local ramifications of the TPP and why this colossal deal is getting so little attention.

Roxanne Charles UrbanScreen

Roxanne Charles’ Blanket Dance, performing a blessing for the homeless in North Surrey.




For her contribution $701, artist Charis Au took advantage of a recent trip to Hong Kong to document the constant moving of people. Walkways, overpasses, buses and trains seen through the artist’s pastel tilt-shift lens. Image courtesy of the artist.


The Guildfords by Matt Smith compares Google Streets views of Surrey, UK with Surrey, BC. It even takes a dip into the Guildford Mall parking lot.


Beauty in the Blackness by Laila Khan, Steven Kobza, Josh Dreger and Shafeena Ali, a video poem that contrasts news headlines describing violent crime in Surrey alongside reflections of Surrey’s natural beauty.


Thanks to all how came out. See you soon at our upcoming literary cabaret!