Walk Ways Closing Reception

Last week we wrapped up our Walk Ways exhibition at Arbutus Gallery with a pair of artist talks and a group poetry reading.

Walk Ways Exhbition

The artworks on display were a response to eyes-closed walks Taryn Hubbard and Edward Westerhuis each took separately with Social-Practice artist Carmen Papalia. While Edward used this walk to reflect on memory and his childhood in Whalley, Taryn explored the cacophony of sounds spilling out of Surrey Central into Holland Park. Pictured is Neil Prinsen and collective member Phinder Dulai checking out Taryn’s Loud is Not Enough.

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Walk Ways at Arbutus Gallery

walk ways

Edward Westerhuis & Taryn Hubbard in collaboration with Carmen Papalia

This past spring Taryn Hubbard and Edward Westerhuis went on a walk each through Whalley/City Centre, in Surrey BC with Carmen Papalia. During these walks Carmen invited Taryn and Edward to explore these neighbourhoods non-visually (with eyes closed), and supported them as they navigated by sound, touch, smell, memory, and environmental design
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Inside/Out: Convergences of practice and community

A full-day artist symposium at Surrey Libraries Central City

To build on the ongoing ideas and discussions sparked throughout the SOFIA Collective’s Edge City Cultural Event Series, Inside/Out: Convergences of practice and community opened the floor for a discussion with artists on how they engage community in their personal practices as well as how community organizers work to create new and unexpected spaces for events, happenings, and art making.

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We finished our first year of collective programming

Crowd at Inside/Out

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Edge City Cultural Event Series

SOFIA/c’s first year of programming wrapped up on Aug. 23 at the end of its summer symposium, Inside/Out: Convergences of practice and community.

Over the course of 18 months, in addition to the full-day artist symposium, we also held a poetry reading, film night, and a mobile text art piece. Check out the archive for details and photos of these events.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2014/15 programming, which will explore the theme of Duality, in the weeks and months to come.

Inside/Out: Convergences of practice and community

Inside/Out Symposium Aug. 23Our Inside/Out: Convergences of practice and community. The afternoon will feature two discussions—“Intersections: Art Practice in Convergent Communities” and “Lessons Learned: A Survival Guide to Establishing an Artist Run Centre”—with panelists and moderators from throughout the Lower Mainland, including Lakshmi Gill, Cease Wyss, Hank Bull, Heidi Nagtegaal, Aaron Moran, and Harbhajan Gill!
SOFIA/c is grateful for financial support from the City of Surrey’s 2013/14 Cultural Grant Program, and to the Surrey Public Library for sponsorship on the space.
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