Soon the eyes of the world will be on BC


10350 University Drive, less than five minute walk from Surrey Central skytrain station

A public forum featuring six distinguished organizers working in the lower mainland
to educate and mobilize away from fossil fuels. The panel will discuss:

First Nations inherent right to the land and continuous resistance to occupation. – The links between global warming, drought and large segments of the population in the Middle East and Africa forced into refugee camps and dangerous waters. – Alliance among local organizers and Artists. – Capitalism, international trade deals and the sacrifice zones they are creating in China, India, South America, Northern Alberta and beyond. – Part II – Capitalism, the continuing expansion of the tar sands, risk to BC waterways, and the West Coast of Canada becoming another potential sacrifice zone. – The May 9th BC election and the government’s partnership with Kinder Morgan and the false claims of jobs and economic renewal. – Carbon tax. – Challenges of staying under 1.5 degrees and COP21. – Battle in the BC courts, Site C dam, and organizing in the era of massive US oil terminals operating locally.

Please bring your ideas and consider this an opportunity to participate in a larger discussion where it’s not only the panelists who are answering questions, but a space to share your ideas and collectively talk about next steps. Panelists and participants will be given equal time to shape the discussions and outcomes. We will be providing a light vegetarian lunch and coffee.

Keynote Speakers:

Anjali Appadurai  is a campaigner and communicator on issues of climate and environmental justice at West Coast Environmental Law.  She works with governments, civil society and the United Nations around the world, and has given lectures and workshops in over a dozen countries.

Thomas Davies is a member of the Editorial Board of the Fire This Time Newspaper and a founding member of Climate Convergence. He has written extensively on climate change and the environmental justice movements. He has spoken on many social justice topics at events locally, across Canada and internationally

A.S. Dhillon has produced public installations in London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Mumbai and locally. He has given artist talks at local universities, Berlin and Munich. He is a founding member of SOFIA Collective and is currently working on an interactive public sculpture in anticipation of Canada’s 150th celebrations.

Brandon Gabriel has exhibited in Hong Kong, England, Scotland, South America, the US, and across Canada. He has won awards of distinction, including a special honour by the Governor-General of Canada. He is a guest lecturer at local universities, and organizes around social justice issues.

Ishaval Gill is a geography student, a co-founder of a youth Sikh activist group called Azaadi, and is politically active in her local community. She has helped present workshops that vary from Sikh activism based initiatives to understanding how you can be engaged in your local political community.

Eric Lescarbeau is a Vancouver-based organizer with the Peoples’ Climate Convergence and a member of the International Socialists.